Mastering Influence Workshop

Imagine you enter a room full of prospects from different cultures! What if you instantly know how to act to build a lasting connection with each of them … and then an irresistible interest in what you offer? Would that help your business thrive in a multicultural San Francisco Bay Area?


Finally… What if you know how not only to read people but also influence them Non-Verbally? I have put together 3 Formulas that will help you ethically and irresistibly influence anybody and close win-win deals faster and easier.

You will learn how to

– Avoid #1 massive cross-cultural communication mistake
– Identify Non-Verbal cues and behaviors that are physiologically
predetermined and therefore common for every culture
– Use common Non-Verbal cues to build instant trust with anybody
– Apply Non-Verbal Motivation Formula to build effective partnerships
– Confidently use 3 proven Formulas to become a Persuasive
Communicator in any culture


Join Successful Thinkers Network Thursday, March 12th for “Build Instant Trust with Anybody” presented by Dr. Viktoria Ter-Nikoghosyan, an acclaimed Communication, Emotions and Stress Mentor and author. She helped thousands of people in more than 23 countries overcome their communication and emotional issues and unleash their potential.

March 12th, 2020 Meeting Agenda:
11:30 – Networking
12:00 – Introduction
12:15 – Mastering Influence Workshop


Each month Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers unites small businesses from all across the Bay Area by providing a unique atmosphere to meet potential customers, create a referral base and mastermind with others to find solutions to business challenges.

There is no charge for the mixer. We only ask that you support the local economy by buying your lunch. We have arranged for a special $12.50 menu that includes taxes and tip. We encourage you to bring a guest to this exciting networking opportunity in Alameda.

 Come for the View, Come for the Food or Come for the Fun…You’ll Leave with Business Solutions, Power Partners and Motivated Customers.


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