Letter from the President 2019

Almost 10 years ago, after becoming Chairman of the Chamber’s Ambassador Committee, a new Ambassador asked me to define the role of the Chamber of Commerce. Though it was understood that we were an important organization to the community, this Ambassador wanted to better elucidate the benefits of Chamber membership.

Being fairly new to the organization myself, I asked a veteran member of our Board of Directors to join an Ambassador committee meeting to discuss the subject. The result of this meeting formed the framework of the stated mission of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce as we see it today.

That Board member believed the role of the Chamber could be summed up in three words…Advocacy, Education and Opportunity. This clarity of purpose has since been the compass for our Board’s strategic vision and decision making.

Chamber leadership understands that the primary objective of this organization is to advocate for our members in terms of government and community relations. Our first order of business is to create and maintain a business environment that promotes economic prosperity for local businesses. This involves carrying the torch on legislative issues that affect the business community, supporting community development that enriches the business environment and strengthening ties between businesses on the Island to promote prosperity on a localized basis.

Equally important is our mission to deliver educational value to our members. Understanding the local economic landscape, knowledge of effective business processes and awareness of legislative actions are imperative to remaining competitive in the current business climate. Chamber events such as the City Developments Luncheon, City Manager’s Report & Luncheon, Successful Thinkers Network and the Chamber Academy are just a sample of how we address our mission of providing educational programs for our members.

Our efforts to provide Advocacy and Education set the stage for the third leg of our mission which is to provide programs and opportunities that assist our members aspirations to thrive and prosper. Networking events, major community events and our various marketing programs, including this Island Business Visitors Guide and Membership Directory, help our members expand markets, increase sales and promote good-will within the community.

I’ve heard that the success of an organization is determined by the quality of questions it asks itself about its vision and values. I’m thankful that someone asked me to look deeper into the importance of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce. We have become a more relevant and effective organization because of someone who asked the right question.

Now it’s my turn to ask a question. “What can the Alameda Chamber of Commerce do to help your organization compete, thrive and prosper in Alameda?”

Michael McDonough
President of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce

Financial Services Representative
Principal Financial Group

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