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Alameda Marina

Alameda Marina is located along the historic waterfront of the Alameda/Oakland Estuary directly across from Coast Guard Island. Built on a former shipyard, our 42-acre complex is quite diverse; offering 530 wet berths, dry boat storage to accommodate over 700 boats and RV’s, as well as office space, warehouse space, and industrial space within an active and thriving commercial business complex. Alameda Marina is home to over 65 businesses– and the only marina on the Bay with a full-service boatyard, chandlery and sail lofts.

Why Keep Your Boat at Alameda Marina?
Alameda is renowned for a warm micro climate, a safe and friendly small town atmosphere, and its proximity to San Francisco Bay. By boat, the distance from Alameda Marina to the San Francisco Bay Bridge is only 6 nautical miles. Most of that distance is on the wide and protected waters of the Estuary. If you’re a day sailor, the prevailing winds typically run from the West-Northwest, making for a nice upwind sail out to the Bay, and a leisurely downwind sail home in the afternoon. As you sail in from the sometimes foggy and blustery winds of the Bay, the temperature warms up as you head East, the waters become calm and you finish your boating experience with a sense of relaxation. If you dry store your sailboat on a trailer, Alameda Marina is the only East Bay location with three on-site hoists (for tenants only). Our largest hoist has a 3 ton capacity. After the boat is back on its trailer, tenants can take advantage of our free wash-down area before returning to storage.

For any trailer boat that requires ramp launching, Alameda Marina is less than one block from a City of Alameda free public ramp at the foot of Grand Street.

Why Store Your RV or Camper at Alameda Marina?
Our designated RV and Camper storage areas are fully paved, striped, numbered and individually assigned. When you return with your RV you have the assurance that your storage space will be vacant. The storage areas are illuminated at night with overhead flood lamps. Our rates are competitive and you can’t beat our central location.

Why Move Your Business into the Alameda Marina?
Despite its small town atmosphere, Alameda has a population of approximately 75,000. The City’s local commerce is rapidly expanding as the City continues to grow. Alameda Marina businesses are also conveniently located only 10 minutes from the Oakland International Airport, and local public transportation (BART and Ferry) to San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. The complex has ample free parking, as well as highly competitive leasing rates and terms. Whether you need office space, warehouse space or industrial space, the Alameda Marina probably has a space to suit your needs.

Other Features and Benefits of the Alameda Marina
Driving to the Alameda Marina is easy and convenient, as we are less than 5 minutes from the 880 Freeway. When you drive onto the island over one of Alameda’s 4 draw bridges, you immediately feel at ease in Alameda’s small town atmosphere. The Alameda Marina is a gated complex, with night security patrol and tenant only card key access. The marina’s restrooms and showers are locked 24/7 with tenant only card key access. We even have an on-site laundry room.
1815 Clement Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Gregory Paul Houtz
Alameda Meals on Wheels

Alameda Meals on Wheels (AMOW) is a locally-funded, seven-day-a-week program that has been delivering hot, nourishing meals to Alameda residents since 1973! Each day, holidays included, our cheerful and caring volunteers deliver a mid-day meal to more than 140 Alameda residents of all ages that need our assistance - whether due to recent surgery or hospitalization, because they aren't able to get out to grocery shop, or because they can't cook their own meals. Our subscribers pay on a sliding fee scale, based upon their ability.

Scores of volunteers provide the delivery system for the meals that are prepared daily by the kitchen staff at Bayview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. These volunteers often provide the only personal contact and conversation our homebound recipients have on a daily basis.

This year marks Alameda Meals On Wheels' 40th Anniversary! Our program has enjoyed its longevity because of the incredible spirit of volunteerism shown by our meal delivery corps and because of the continuing generosity of those who donate to our program. It is also through the time and generosity of our board members that we are able to keep rolling.

We hope that this website provides you with an understanding of our service. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or need additional information.
Post Office Box 2534
Alameda, CA 94501
Alameda Municipal Power.

Located in the City of Alameda, east of San Francisco and south of Oakland, Alameda Municipal Power was founded in 1887. Formerly Alameda Power and Telecom, and The Bureau of Electricity prior to that, AMP is the oldest municipal utility in California and is among the oldest in the nation, public or private.

Alameda Municipal Power serves the entire area of the City of Alameda and has approximately 95 pole miles of overhead lines, and over 170 cable miles of underground lines.  It serves approximately 34,000 accounts (30,000 residential and 3,800 commercial industrial) which provides service to a population of approximately 75,000 customers.

AMP is a member of Northern California Power Agency, a joint powers agency which operates under a joint powers agreement among 18 public agencies.

As a department of the City of Alameda, Alameda Municipal Power is organized into four main divisions. The Administration/Finance, Customer Resources, Energy Resources, and Engineering and Operations divisions are each led by an Assistant General Manager and report to the General Manager.
Post Office Box H
Alameda, CA 94501
Alameda Museum

Alameda is a unique island community located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer permanent displays of Alameda history, the only rotating gallery showcasing local Alameda artists and student artwork, as well as souvenirs, books and videos about the rich history of the Island City. The Alameda Historical Society was founded in 1948, and the Museum was established in 1951. In 1983 the Alameda Museum was designated as the official repository of historical documents and artifacts for the City of Alameda.

We host special events throughout the year and tours of the historic Meyers House & Garden. Please browse our website, take a photo tour of the Museum, and check out the Gift Shop for unique gifts and memorabilia. Please consider joining the museum, you will receive the Museum Quarterly newsletter as well as free admission to most museum activities. Our upcoming events section has a schedule of art shows, lectures by prominent historians and authors, and other events. We hope you will include Alameda in your next visit to the San Francisco Bay Area.
2324 Alameda Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Judith Lynch
Alameda Naval Air Museum

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity to learn, share and experience the history of the Naval Air Station.
To collect, document and preserve those items that made aviation history and those associated with NAS Alameda.
To provide students of all ages the ability and chance to understand and explore the world of aviation.
To provide the public with information and research on Naval Aviation in the Pacific.

Museum Overview
The historic legacy of the Alameda Naval Air Station will be preserved at the Alameda Naval Air Museum located in the former Air Terminal Building #77 at Alameda Point. Our museum features archival materials, photographs and stories of the war workers of World War II up to the eventual closing of the base in 1997.

This project was made possible by a grant for building upgrades from the Economic Development Agency and the city of Alameda. To date, some $750,000 worth of improvements have been made to Building #77 to meet all code requirements of the City of Alameda.

Volunteers established the Alameda Naval Air Museum as an educational community center to tell the story of it’s beginnings in support of the Pacific Fleet in World War II and it’s subsequent decades of service to the nation during Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

Visitors can read historic newspapers, such as those published at Pearl Harbor, and have an opportunity to re-live the past. That is what history is all about. We are interested in acquiring and preserving documents that illustrate and celebrate the people and stories of the World War II years. Our collection includes artifacts, photographs, aircraft models, programs, guide books, flyers, documents, safety gear, medals, uniforms, badges and awards.

The purpose of our museum is to preserve for the benefit and inspiration of future generations and to leave a historic legacy.

Society and industry were changed forever by the sweeping impacts of the World War II build-up. For the first time, men, women and minorities worked together side by side. Services such as health insurance and child care were initiated in industry to improve worker’s health, productivity and retention. Labor and government worked together to provide to the fleet overhauled aircraft and engines achieving unheard of production records.

People moved here from all over the country in unprecedented numbers to seek industrial production jobs. This changed rural and urban America forever. The Air Station had 45,000 personnel at its peak in 1945 when the city of Alameda had only 25,000 residents. The base covered one-third of the island of Alameda.

The museum volunteers host many visits of school children and other local and national groups so they can learn about Naval Aviation history and the valuable contributions made by the many generations of workers during the last half of the 20th Century. More than 250 skilled trades came together at NAS Alameda to create lasting records of top workmanship and professionalism.
2151 Ferry Point #77
Alameda, California 94501
Larry Pirack or Robbie Dileo
Alameda Pediatric Dentistry

Our Mission
Our mission is to make kids smile by promoting oral health for children beginning at age one, by providing unparalleled service and by creating memorable office visits for our patients and their families.
Our History
Welcome to Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. Considered the Bay Area’s premier dental practice, we’ve been serving children for over 40 years.  Alameda native, Dr. Robert Oliver, opened our office doors in 1971. His family was very involved with the city; his father and brother both practiced medicine on the island. Dr. Oliver married his high school sweetheart. They both are graduates of Alameda High School.

Dr. David Perry joined the practice in 1973. With Dr. Perry as partner, the office slowly grew and underwent its first expansion. The cozy, three-chair office doubled to six chairs. Through regular outreach efforts to schools and clinics, the office became well known in the community. Dr. Perry’s active participation in leadership within dental organizations at all levels helped bring attention to laws advocating for children’s oral health.

As our reputation grew, the office also grew and expanded to keep up with the growing number of families and friends. In 2005, Dr. Sharine Thenard, a former patient and also a native of Alameda, joined the practice and  has continued on with the tradition of service to the community and to organized dentistry.  She is involved with Girls Inc. of the Island City and leadership at local, state, and national levels.

Many excellent doctors have joined the practice since then, including Drs. Ngo, Katheria, Wahl, and Horst. Dr. Ngo has recently partnered with the practice and continues our great reputation in Oakland and Pleasanton. The additional locations in Oakland and Pleasanton have made it more convenient for our families across the Bay Area to access reliable dental treatment. As our practice excels at caring for children’s oral health, we strive to keep our hometown culture of offering personal and friendly service, with a mission to provide memorable visits and make each child’s experience fun, educational, and special.

1105 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 101
Alameda, CA 94501
Mari Cyphers
Alameda Point Beverage Group


We offer a better local craft beverage alternative to "Big Soda".
​We understand that what you pour and slide across your counter matters. You crafted a thoughtful image and we'd like to support it with a premium beverage program! You have a better choice.
 Meet your neighborhood soda, offering your customers less guilt and more pleasure. Pour Alameda Point Craft beverages and stand proud together with our community.


Not just a brand carrying premium beverages, we're also a delivery and service provider through Brix Beverage. So, when you buy Alameda Point Craft Soda, we'll deliver it and repair your beverage systems when down. We have you covered. No stress.

Reducing gray hair since 2014!

Alameda Point Craft Soda gives your customers a better alternative when choosing their next soda that doesn’t take shortcuts on taste. We use Pure Cane Sugar over High Fructose Corn Syrup which enhances the intended flavors. And avoids the "sticky" outdated cheaper sweetener.
​Our beverages are uniquely formulated in Alameda, produced in small carefully crafted batches versus mass production. 
The Alameda Point Craft soda experience is best savored in celebration of Bay life.


Introducing our new line of small batch juices and mixers from Spirits Alley.​ It's an opportunity to elevate your bar or beverage program with a fine local product.

​We understand hand mixing cocktails is not cost-effective nor efficient when you're moving fast for your customers. Our Spirits Alley line is your premium option when the realities of hand mixing set in. In the quick-serve industry, getting the bang for your buck and quickly serving quality drinks matter.


In 2013 we were given a unique opportunity to support local independent bars and restaurants with beverage and service. We said, "hell yes!" We've heard the complaints coming from the bar business. As a small private company, we would be agile and smart enough to ease the burdens of the bar business. Yet there was a bigger vision.
From that moment on, we felt a responsibility in our community to provide a better beverage. We believe in offering bars and restaurants a local craft soda alternative to "Big Soda".

To start, it was clear we could drop High Fructose Corn Syrup for Pure Cane and formulate a better tasting beverage. Next, we wanted to connect with the pride we feel for our community. So we branded our beverages to the unique Bay Area locations we love. We would make soda the 'good guy' again and give it the same respect as micro brewers show their brands. From those commitments arose Alameda Point Craft Soda Co.

We're excited to further elevate the brand as we look at healthier  alternative sweeteners. We're also looking to reduce the sweetener content in our beverages; in hopes to recapture and invite the folks that steer away from soda because it's "too sweet". We're also looking at in-house production of bottling Alameda Point Craft Soda in early 2017.
1951 Monarch Street, Suite 200
Alameda, California 94501
Sky Pace
Alameda Point Collaborative

Formed in 1999, APC transformed vacant military housing on the former Alameda Naval Air Station into a supportive housing community.  APC now operates 200 units of housing over 34 acres of land, and provides 500 formerly homeless residents, including more than 300 children and youth, with the safety and stability of a place to call home.  All residents have easy access to life and job skills training, substance abuse and mental health counseling provided by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Alameda Point Collaborative is a supportive housing community that uses all its resources to help families and adults break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

APC places a special focus on the youth of its community.  All of these young people have been impacted by the experience of homelessness and need a great deal of support to ensure that they can overcome its effects.  As education is a key indicator of future success, APC helps its youngest residents build a solid foundation for life-long learning.
APC specializes in supportive training and job opportunities for residents  through our environmentally sustainable social enterprise businesses and other on-the-job  training programs.  We offer residents the opportunity to gain job skills while also learning about health, nutrition and horticulture.

We operate a retail plant nursery called Ploughshares Nursery where residents help propagation and customer services. Other residents work with our facilities team, in landscaping, with our career services team and on our urban farm as part of the Farm2Market project.
677 West Ranger Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Doug Biggs
Alameda Point Redevelopers, LLC
1475 Powell Street, Suite 201
Emeryville, California 94608
Jonah Hendrickson
Alameda Point Studios

Alameda Point Studios (APS) is located on the former Alameda Naval Air Station.  Our building at 1800 Ferry Point fronts the Sea Plane Lagoon with views across the bay to San Francisco. APS provides affordable light industrial space located on the former Alameda Naval Air Station in Alameda California.
APS is ideally suited to support small businesses and artists in the industrial arts sector. Our community is diverse, creative and provides a collaborative environment for creating a wide range of projects. Current tenants include fine furniture makers, cabinetmakers, a stone carver, acoustic engineers, a print shop, designers, piano restoration & service, metal workers and many others. APS is located on the former with views of the bay and San Francisco beyond. We are located at 1800 Ferry Point, Building #14, Alameda California, 94501.
1800 Ferry Point
Alameda, CA 94501
Dean Santner
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