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Alameda Architectural Preservation Society

Dedicated to the Architectural Preservation of Historic Structures in the City of Alameda
The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS), previously known as the Alameda Victorian Preservation Society (AVPS), was founded in 1972 and incorporated in 1975. At the time AAPS was founded, Victorian homes were being routinely demolished and replaced with apartment buildings. The Society was a vocal supporter of Measure A, which  was enacted into law as Article XXVI of the city charter. This law is still in effect and helps prevent the further destruction of historically significant homes by prohibiting their replacement with large multiple unit buildings. The continuing goal of AAPS is to increase public awareness and appreciation of historic architecture in Alameda.
Post Office Box 1677
Alameda, CA 94501
Christopher Buckley
Alameda Arts

Everything we do is focused on your child’s well-being

Two fun loving moms, Kate and Hazel, are ready to share their love of art and passion for crafts. They are First Aid- and CPR-certified, and are holders of California State Food Handlers Permits. Working moms, Kate and Hazel, appreciate the need for affordable, accessible elementary arts education in Alameda.

Our Mission:
Alameda Arts seeks to inspire and support the inherent creativity of every child through caring relationships and access to rich and varied mediums and activities.
Hazel Seiden

 Hazel was raised in upstate New York, traveled in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and has lived in Alameda for the past 15 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in elementary education from San Francisco State University. Her busy teenage daughter is off to college in the fall.

Kate Meade
Hailing from the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Kate brings her long time love of singing and theater to her work with children. She began Alameda Arts at Paden School in 2012 bringing her enthusiasm with art along with her. Kate is the mom of two boys, one now in college and one in high school. She continues to want to teach all children to jump rope and juggle. Kate is proud to be an Alameda citizen for the past 18 years.
2651 Barbers Point Road, #B
Alameda, California 94501
Kate Meade
Alameda Beach Body

 Taking care of your health and nutrition is a challenge. In our busy lifestyle, it is easy to avoid keeping fit and just eating fast, convenient food. A healthy lifestyle takes discipline, will power and conviction to continue even when you are tempted to quit or to skip a workout

At Alameda Beach Body, we believe in the importance of good health and fitness as a regular part of your life in order to stay strong, stay fit and stay committed.  Whether you are a health junkie, or you used to work out a lot and want to get back into it, or you have never worked out, we have a workout class that will suit you.  Our group training sessions are fun and upbeat, and provide a community of like minded people to support each other, while our individual training sessions provide personalized attention and focus on your specific needs.
One of the key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, which is why we take the time to teach you about maintaining a balanced diet and the nutritional principles you need to know.  From your first inquiry to your regular workout class schedule, we want to see you succeed. We provide a complimentary goal assessment session and can advise you on what style of workout and level of class will suit you.
Areas of focus include transformation and weight loss programs, as well as strength building and body sculpting. Our class types including boot camp, cardio, group fitness and personal training.
Alameda Beach Body was founded by Summer Farouni, a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Wow Weight Loss Nutrition Coach.  Summer is also certified in pilates, muay thai fitness, Zumba and as a personal chef.
2412 Clement Ave
Alameda, California 94501
Summer Farouni
Alameda Boys & Girls Club

The Big Picture
Today, the closing bell will ring in Alameda schools and roughly 10,000 students will leave the school grounds. Some will go home to a parent, some will go to an after school program. But many will go it alone—and will enter the most dangerous time of the day for children. Research indicates that youth-related crime triples between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. every weekday. National statistics, and daily headlines, make it clear that unsupervised children are at greater risk in the after-school hours.
Why the Alameda Boys & Girls Club?
The Alameda Boys & Girls Club is more than just a place for recreation. We provide activities and experiences that enrich the lives of young people in our community. Indeed, the quality of life we all enjoy is due, in part, to the Club’s sustained attention to the changing needs of today’s youth.

We involve young boys and girls in wholesome activities that build their self-esteem and self-worth. We teach the values of responsibility and respect. We empower children to make wise and educated life choices. In this age of teen alcohol and drug use, premarital sex, and violence, we work to help create model citizens for our future. And we give every youth the chance they deserve to have a great future by providing the tools and support they need to achieve their dreams.
About Alameda Boys & Girls Club

Opens our doors to all kids from all schools and all backgrounds every day and evening after school, on week-ends, and during vacations and is the only facility in Alameda that provides this service.
Continues a 62 year-old tradition of providing a safe and positive place for all youth ages 6 through 18.
Serves over 3,000 youth in a new, state-of-the-art Youth Development Center and provides a community resource facility for everyone in Alameda.
Engages and empowers those who need us the most: Over 40% of members are from single parent households, and over 60% come from economically-disadvantaged families.
Supervises and administers programs in certified areas of youth development:

Character, Leadership, Life Skills, and Career Education
Math, Science, Reading, and Technology
Arts and Crafts, and Performance and Digital Arts
Sports, Recreation, and Fitness
Gardening, Cooking, Health, and Nutrition

Provides after-school homework help and tutoring.
Offers free dental, vision, and medical screenings from local medical professionals and assists with access to follow-up care.
Conducts programs on avoiding substance abuse, violence prevention, and home safety for children— and offers individual and family counseling services.
Partners with local schools, other community youth organizations, and non-profits to ensure that our members receive the services they need most.
Motivates kids to return to tell their success stories and to give back to the community they call “home,” by becoming mentors, coaches, volunteers, Board members, and donors.
Enjoys a professional affiliation with the Boys and Girls Club of America, a national organization with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
1900 Third Street
Alameda, CA 94501
Jeff Miller
Alameda Business Machines

For over 35 years Alameda Business Machines has been providing IT support for business and home users covering the entire Bay Area. ABM sells and services computers, small business servers, laptops, and tablets. ABM also sells computer parts, supplies, and printers. We also service all Apple computers and laptops. We provide complete network design, implementation, monitoring and support with quick on site response and remote servicing.
2309 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Kiyoni Miller or Michael Woods or
Alameda Business Network

About Us

We Are What We Do
Alameda Business Network (ABN) is a pro­fessional organization that actively promotes our member businesses through the exchange of business leads and referrals. We also share creative and strategic business ideas to help enhance and improve business practices.

ABN members specialize in a host of different areas. Member businesses include banking and financial services, law, dentistry, advertising and marketing, real estate and property management, accounting and bookkeeping, insurance and investment services, plumbing and construction, community arts, specialty retailers, alternative medicine and therapies, and many others.
What ABN Stands For
Alameda Business Network (ABN) is an organization of business professionals that actively promotes each other’s services and products through leads and referrals within our group and through each member’s spheres of influence. These include clients, friends, family, acquaintances and the general public. We champion our fellow ABN members’ business development and vision through periodic business idea exchanges. We support our community by providing community service through fundraising events and charitable activities.
How ABN Works
Each ABN member business “owns” its business category to avoid conflicts of interest when sharing leads, referrals, and business productivity ideas. ABN members promote other ABN member services to their circle of customers, clients, and contacts in exchange for a reciprocal promotion.

If you’re interested in growing your business and in becoming part of an innovative business group, attend one of our regular Tuesday morning breakfast meetings held from 8:45-10AM at Bridgehead Studio, 2516 Blanding Avenue, Alameda.
What ABN Can Do For You
ABN membership opens a door to a number of benefits.

Gain business contacts, leads, referrals, and prospects.
Share business ideas with seasoned business professionals.
Enjoy promotional exposure through our marketing activities, including our directory, website, social mixers, events, fundraisers, and sponsorships.
Build collaborative partnerships with complementary businesses.

Why Choose Us
In the Digital Era, personal service can get lost in the high-tech shuffle. ABN understands and appreciates the importance of getting close to customers and building lasting relationships through customer engagement.

ABN represents a passionate network of members eager to serve the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and other stakeholders. Its member organizations provide a personal touch, care about their customers, and work hard to provide them with quality service. By meeting regularly with other business professionals to share best business practices, the entire community benefits, not just us.
You and ABN
The best way to learn if ABN is right for you is to attend a meeting. View the “Members” listing in the above Web menu to find out if an opening exists in your business category. You can also contact us directly.
2233 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 7
Alameda, California 94501
Susan DeLong
Alameda Chamber of Commerce

Promote a Strong Local Economy
Provide Opportunities to Build Relationships
Deliver Programs to Help Business Grow
Represent and Advocate on Behalf of Businesses

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

We are the voice of the business community and are here to represent and advocate on behalf of businesses in Alameda. Since its incorporation more than 85 years ago, the Alameda Chamber has played these roles and many others. To Alameda businesses, visitors and residents, it is a resource for information from maps and transportation schedules to business referrals and relocation packets. The Chamber lobby is the visitor information center and community resource for maps, schedules, information on regional and local attractions, amenities and activities.


The goal is to provide our members with business support and educational programs to help their business grow. We continuously promote and invest in Alameda's quality of lite and economic vitality.

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non profit, volunteer organization of business people working to improve the city's economic and civic vitality. We rely exclusively on membership investment revenues and funds generated from our events. For over 85 years, the Alameda Chamber has been the proactive voice for business in Alameda. The Chamber, which currently has close to 600 members, is comprised of businesses and companies with a business interest in Alameda, which includes small businesses, retailers, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, health organizations, professionals and numerous other types of businesses.

You are invited to become part of our organization and help promote business in Alameda.
Post Office Box
Alameda, California 94501
Madlen Saddik
Alameda Cinema Grill

Located within the Alameda Theatres Cineplex building, Cinema Grill
features eclectic comfort food and a Craft Cocktail Program inspired by
Hollywood's Golden Age as well as by the the newest local bar trends.
Cinema Grill was created with a desire to develop an innovative way to
integrate the dining and movie-going experience.

Restaurant patrons are be able to purchase movie tickets and take food,
beer, wine and cocktails with them into the auditoriums through the
BACKSTAGE PASS; a private corridor connecting the restaurant with the
cinema. Movie theatre guests who opt to purchase Reserved Seats within a
specified seating area will be able to order food and drinks to be
delivered to their seat from the restaurant.
Cinema Grill will feature:

-Eclectic menu crafted with love from locally sourced ingredients and
inspired by California's diverse culinary influences.
-Beverage program focused on classic & modern craft cocktails expertly
prepared by trained mixologists.
-Carefully curated selection of locally made natural wines and microbrews.
-Small production organic natural sodas from producers like Caamaño Bros &
Maine Root.
2301 Central Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
Seth Maddox
Alameda Civic Ballet

"Our mission is to create and present community accessible ballet performances while educating and engaging the community in the performing arts.

Alameda Ballet Academy and its affiliate performing company, Alameda Civic Ballet, were founded in 2003 by the Artistic Director, Abra Rudisill. Both the school and company were created to impart the best elements of the classical ballet tradition to local dance students and the surrounding community of the East Bay. In her lessons and leadership, Rudisill draws upon her 20 years of experience as a Prima Ballerina and Ballet Mistress with Oakland Ballet, and she seeks to carry on her artistic lineage through the education of Bay Area youth.

Alameda Civic Ballet was founded in February 2003 and achieved non-profit 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization in November of 2004. The goal of the company is to create and present quality community accessible ballet performances, while providing young dancers with valuable experience performing alongside professional dancers.
1402 Park Street
Alameda, California 94501
Abra Rudisill
Alameda Collaborative Children, Youth & F

Mission Statement

The Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth, and their Families
promotes positive child and youth development through
building innovative community partnership,
sharing information, and maximizing resources.

Youth Collaborative Co-Chairs

Mayor Trish Spencer,
Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan,
Board of Education Trustee Barbara Kahn

The Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth, and their Families meets
every third Wednesday during the school year (except for December),
from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m., in the
Alameda Police Department Briefing Room
1555 Oak Street (at Lincoln)
2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 120
Alameda, CA 94501
Jim Franz
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