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Yachts & Yacht Clubs

Encinal Yacht Club

If you enjoy being on you boat, or you enjoy a lifestyle focused on the water, joining a yacht club greatly enhances these pleasures. Whether you enjoy the excitement of racing competition, the adventure of cruising to beautiful venues in and around the bay, or just being with friends, old and new, enjoying a cocktail or dinner overlooking the water, a yacht club can provide you with a whole new level of experience.
We feel being a member of Encinal Yacht Club provides all of this and more and invite you to consider applying for membership. Few yacht clubs can match our combination of location and club facility, a beautiful pool and surroundings, and extensive docking facilities. It is a perfect location for formal events such as weddings and social events and a great place to relax and unwind. Our bar and lounge with a large outdoor deck is perfect for observing the multitude of on the water events.
We are especially proud of our Award Winning Junior Sailing Program where kids as young as 8 years old learn the fundamentals of sailing and the techniques of racing. Many have gone on to represent EYC in sailing regattas around the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity for young people to grow up in a safe environment and learn valuable skills.
Applying for membership is easy and, so there are no surprises, we are attaching a complete list of charges and dues associated with membership. We offer various categories of membership, one should be right for you.
1251 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501
Rigo Headley
Marina Village Yacht Dealers

Northern California’s premier yacht dealers and brokers offering both new and pre-owned yachts
Cruising Yachts – 510 521-1327                Orange Coast Yachts – 510 523-2628
Farallone Yachts – 510 523-6730               Richard Boland Yachts – 510 521-6213
JK3 Nautical  – 510 227-2100                   Sail California – 510 523-8500
1070 Marina Village Pkwy #101B
Alameda, CA, 94501
Debbie Betts
Marina Village Yacht Harbor

Thirty years ago, I had the privilege of working on the emerging Marina Village development for my employer, Vintage Properties. I was particularly enchanted with the new marina we were developing.

The setting was steeped in history. A century earlier, Alaska packing ships wintered in the eastern basin where Marina Village Yacht Harbor was taking root. To the west lay the shipways, where World War I and II cargo ships were constructed and launched. In the peak war years, nearly 10,000 people worked three shifts a day on this site of the old Bethlehem shipyard. Some of their stories still echoed within the walls of the now rehabbed concrete shells—stories of heroism and tragedy.

At the end of my work days I would often sit out by the marina, watching the ships and boats pass by punctuated against the lights of the Oakland skyline, the Tribune Clock Tower and the East Bay Hills. On those evenings I would dream of owning Marina Village Yacht Harbor years hence. Even then, it was apparent that this was a special place, in the way that Wrigley Field is special; a place that captured and enhanced the passion of the people who brought their boats here. In 2006, we put together a group of business associates and friends to form SRM Marina Investors, and made the dream came true: to own and run Marina Village Yacht Harbor, the largest privately owned marina in San Francisco Bay.

When our berthers tell me that Marina Village is the finest marina in the Bay, I sometimes ask them why. Some say it is the quality of the concrete docks, the level of maintenance, or the helpful and friendly staff…or the stunning views, the sheltered and secure harbor, the perfect Alameda climate and gentle breezes, the nearby amenities or the quality of the shore-side facilities. But they also inevitably mention the community that has developed here and the friends they have made at Marina Village.

We are honored to be the stewards of this special place. We take this honor seriously. It is our mission to make and keep Marina Village Yacht Harbor the standard by which all other marinas are measured. We welcome you to visit this special community—the community of boaters, the community of yacht brokers who have made this the number one location for boat sales in Northern California and the community of neighboring  yacht clubs.

If you love boating, this is your place.

Steve Meckfessel
1030 Marina Village Parkway
Alameda, California 94501
Steve Meckfessel
Oakland Yacht Club, Inc.

Founded in January 1913, Oakland Yacht Club is one of the oldest in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Early members of OYC include storied author-adventurer Jack London, a member from 1913 until his death in 1916, and Dr. George Pardee, a former mayor of Oakland and governor of California, who became one of OYC’s early commodores after his retirement from politics. A later well-known member was famed construction and engineering firm president Steve Bechtel, who regularly took visitors out on his boat to view his firm’s prized construction project, the huge stanchions of the Bay Bridge.

From its early beginnings at the foot of 12th Street, OYC later moved up the Estuary to 19th Avenue, which would be our home for the next 63 years. However, differences with the Port of Oakland, owner of the Oakland property, caused OYC members to move the club to Alameda in 1977. In May 1990, OYC moved into our current beautiful clubhouse.

With the acquisition of its marina in 1998, OYC is one of only four area yacht clubs that owns all of its own facilities. Oakland Yacht Club’s clubhouse is a striking facility with a wonderful view down the Estuary, to downtown Oakland, and across the bay to San Francisco. Our new guest dock has made OYC a beacon to boaters wishing a casual and friendly place to relax after a race, cruise, or a long week in the real world.

As we approach our 100th anniversary, Oakland Yacht Club continues to enjoy its rich heritage and reputation among the Bay Area’s boating community. Come check out OYC and see what we have to offer you!
1101 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501
Benjamin Yamanaka
Richard Boland Yachts

Richard Boland was raised on a farm in Morrison, Illinois specializing in beef and grain production. He attended the University of Illinois School of Agriculture and finished at the Universy of Miami, School of Business. He married Diane in 1978 and have three daughters, Stacy, Chrissy and Michelle.

He started his marine career in Alameda, Calif. designing and building 50 plus floating homes.  These homes are in Alameda, Sausalito and the Delta.  Some have been modified by their owners, others are still floating on the orignal barges and pontoons built 43 years ago.

Richard Boland Yachts specializes in the very best motor yachts available in the “New Yacht” industry. Richard has choosen the brands he represents based upon their high quality and value and for the qualities assuring  the long term enjoyment of his clients.

Read why you should list with Richard Boland Yachts
To stay current, each year we travel to the major East Coast boat shows and seminars. Understanding trends in our industry can help direct both buyers and sellers with more accurate and up-to-date information.
We are a member of – a computerized network of 700 Yacht Dealers, Brokers, and Lenders. This is valuable to assist in locating any yacht in the U.S., as well as yachts in foreign markets. Current sales, listings and prices can be tracked for any yacht you may be interested in. We are also members of the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) and the Northern California Yacht Brokers Association (NCMA). We use the CYBA forms for all transaction to insure maximum protections for our buyers and sellers during the buying/selling process.
If you are shopping for a high-end brokerage yacht, it’s important to consider Southern California, the Northwest and the East Coast. If you are selling, we’ll put your yacht in front of every broker on the system. We have the best display of quality yachts at our dock in all of California
Locating a suitable Broker can sometimes be as difficult as finding the yacht itself. Our job is simple: locate the highest quality, best-valued yacht a client desires and can afford. In addition, we are involved with all aspects of the sale, including offering assistance with financing, insurance, berthing, surveys, haul outs, repairs, equipment additions, title transfers, yacht familiarization and handling. We provide these services free-of-charge and maintain our relationships with our clients long after the purchase or sale of their yacht.
1070 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 103-10
Alameda, California 94501
Richard Boland
Wild Women Designs

Deborah Wright, owner of Wild Women Designs, was the first female apprentice upholsterer in the State of California. During her apprenticeship, she studied under several local “old world” craftsmen throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Deborah received her certification as a furniture upholsterer in 1975, and has been designing and manufacturing soft goods in residential, commercial and marine industries ever since. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College and is listed in Who’s Who in California, for excellence in business.

Deborah’s love for water and boating comes from her father who served with the United States Coast Guard as the lighthouse keeper at Piedras Blancas during the 1950’s. She has lived on boats for nearly thirty years and has devoted her career to creating boat environments that reflect the coziness, comfort, and function of home.

2900 Main Street, Suite 67
Alameda, CA 94501
Deborah Wright

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