Cool Safety LLC

For years Cool Safety has made adventures safer through some training specialties that few offer. We combine our specialized training and skills to bring YOU programs that will keep you and your associates safe in critical situations.

Safety isn’t seasonal, which is why our year-round training and preparation courses are suited at any time.  We can prepare you for accidents at home or wilderness and isolated emergencies where help is not available.

We at Cool Safety are advocates for the safety, security and preparation for those who travel to every corner of the world or simply adventure locally or regionally.

We are working with local groups and small organizations to train people in CPR, First Aid and other preparedness to help them help their families and friends in an emergency.

Call with your organization, personal or group needs today.
2201 Shoreline Drive #1699
Alameda, California 94501
Randy Lantz
MissFit Training

MissFit Training is all about sustained growth. Your coach, Samantha is committed to guiding you through your fitness experience through education, support, and establishing life-long healthy habits not only for the gym, but for every day living for years to come. 
Together, with a variety of services, we will find the best way to make the most efficient improvements for more satisfying results. 

MissFit Group Training
Join our group training sessions and work out with some fun MissFits!
MissFit MetCon
Weekend Warrior Workout
$20 Drop in
$150 Unlimited

MissFit Personal Training
Have you hit a plateau and need to switch up your training plan? Or are you completely new to training and are in need of some guidance to get you to your goals?
With the Personal Training program, you will gain valuable tools to help you create a safe and sustainable lifestyle that goes in line with your ultimate fitness goals.

MissFit Challenges!
Join fellow MissFits in these monthly challenges to add some fun into your training schedule!

1726 Clement Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
Samantha Cordova