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Pet Services

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Thanks for visiting the site of Alameda See Spot Run! We’re long time island residents with a passion for pets and helping our customers care for their pet family without breaking the bank. Our store carries only carefully researched and guaranteed products, and if there’s something your pet needs that we don’t have readily in stock, we can get it!
Why Shop at Alameda See Spot Run?
When you shop with us, you’ll receive personal service by a family committed to their own pets with a sincere desire to share their time and knowledge to benefit yours. This is simply something you can’t get at the big box pet stores. Visit our clean and bright well-stocked store and help us squash the myth that smaller independent stores cost more! Without the massive overhead and cheap advertising campaigns, we spend our time and effort on what really counts, researching and stocking only products we’d use for our own pets.
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Cynthia Schorle
Providence Veterinary Hospital & Clinic

Physical Examinations:
Each pet seeing the veterinarian receives a physical examination. In addition to addressing specific concerns of the client, the overall health of the pet is assesed. Regular physical examinations can identify early signs of illness. We perform diagnostic tests such as blood tests and radiographs as needed.

Prior to receiving vaccinations at PVMG, each pet is given a physical examination by the veterinarian to ensure that the pet is healthy and that it should be vaccinated. Frequency of vaccinations is based on the pet’s lifestyle and potential exposure to risk factors.

Parasite Control:
We recommend testing for internal parasites at least annually. The risk for worms and parasites increases with your pet’s exposure to other animals.

Heartworm Prevention:
Heartworms are spread by the bite of an infected mosquito and we highly recommend preventative medications. A blood test is performed annually to ensure that the pet is free of heartworms. If the pet is free of heartworms, they are prescribed a monthly medication.

Dental Care:
As part of the physical examination, the veterinarian performs an oral assesment. Dental disease is staged and will be noted in your pet’s medical record. We recommend routine home dental care. Tooth brushing is best but there are alternatives such as rinses, chews and a special food if that is not possible. At some point, a professional dental cleaning will be necessary. Signs that your pet could have a dental issue include foul mouth odor, problems eating or facial swelling.

Our veterinarians perform most routine surgical procedures. For some cases, a board-certified surgeon will come to our facility to perform the procedure.

Proper nutrition is an important part of your pet’s overall health. Our veterinarians and trained staff can advise you on the best food choice for your pet. We stock a complete line of prescription diets.

Our in-house pharmacy is stocked to meet the medical needs of our patients. In addition, we carry a complete selection of flea control products, therapeutic shampoos, dental supplies and more.

Bathing/Nail Trimming:
We provide bathing and nail trimming services for our clients. Included is up to 15 minutes of brushing, bathing with the appropriate shampoo and ear cleaning. Nail trims are available in conjunction with a bath or separately. Patients must have been examined by one of our veterinarians within the last year. All pets must be current on their vaccinations and we must have written proof on file prior to admission.

We provide boarding services for our clients. All boarders must have been examined by one of our veterinarians within the last year. This enables us to be aware of physical and temperament changes. All pets must be current on their vaccinations and we must have written proof on file prior to admission. Pets must also be free of fleas. A flea treatment will be applied at an additional charge if fleas are found.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call the office to speak with one of our staff members or e-mail us.
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