Alameda Architectural Preservation Society

Dedicated to the Architectural Preservation of Historic Structures in the City of Alameda
The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS), previously known as the Alameda Victorian Preservation Society (AVPS), was founded in 1972 and incorporated in 1975. At the time AAPS was founded, Victorian homes were being routinely demolished and replaced with apartment buildings. The Society was a vocal supporter of Measure A, which  was enacted into law as Article XXVI of the city charter. This law is still in effect and helps prevent the further destruction of historically significant homes by prohibiting their replacement with large multiple unit buildings. The continuing goal of AAPS is to increase public awareness and appreciation of historic architecture in Alameda.
Post Office Box 1677
Alameda, CA 94501
Christopher Buckley
Alameda Civic Ballet

“Our mission is to create and present community accessible ballet performances while educating and engaging the community in the performing arts.

Alameda Ballet Academy and its affiliate performing company, Alameda Civic Ballet, were founded in 2003 by the Artistic Director, Abra Rudisill. Both the school and company were created to impart the best elements of the classical ballet tradition to local dance students and the surrounding community of the East Bay. In her lessons and leadership, Rudisill draws upon her 20 years of experience as a Prima Ballerina and Ballet Mistress with Oakland Ballet, and she seeks to carry on her artistic lineage through the education of Bay Area youth.

Alameda Civic Ballet was founded in February 2003 and achieved non-profit 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization in November of 2004. The goal of the company is to create and present quality community accessible ballet performances, while providing young dancers with valuable experience performing alongside professional dancers.
1402 Park Street
Alameda, California 94501
Abra Rudisill
Alameda Family Services

Early Head Start
Head Start
School-Based Health Centers
Homeless Youth Services
Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Clinical Training Program

Early Head Start
Head Start
School-Based Health Centers
Homeless Youth Services
Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Clinical Training Program
2325 Clement Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Alameda Food Bank

The Food Bank’s mission is to provide nutritious food to the low-income residents of the City of Alameda on a non-discriminating basis. The Alameda Food Bank is a private, non-affiliated, non-profit, tax-exempt agency. The Food Bank is overseen by a board of directors composed of community volunteers. Its day to day operation is run by two paid staff members and over 150 volunteers.The Food Bank was founded in 1977 by a group of concerned local citizens who saw the need in the community for a source of free food for those in need. Originally the Food Bank operated out of a closet in the back room of a church. Two or three volunteers served an average of 35 individual recipients per month during the few hours that the Food Bank closet was open. As word of the Food Bank’s services spread within the community the number of recipients, and the number of volunteers recruited to serve those recipients, steadily increased. Open six days a week, the Food Bank’s 150+ volunteers serve over 5,600 individual recipients from the Food Bank’s 1500 square foot main distribution center (land donated by the City of Alameda) and its 8400 square foot warehouse.The community’s wide-spread acceptance and support of the Food Bank’s mission is evident in the continuing and generous donations we receive and the commitment of community volunteers. Though started on a shoestring, the Food Bank has become one of Alameda’s primary social service organizations.

The Food Bank’s volunteer Board of Directors is proud of the fact that the Food Bank has kept true to its mission: cost effectively providing low-income residents of Alameda with nutritionally balanced groceries, at no cost to the recipients. In addition to its regular food distribution programs, the Food Bank is Alameda’s distribution site for USDA government surplus food and also acts as a helpful information and referral service, advising our clients of the availability of other social services.
Post Office Box 2167
Alameda, CA 94501
Cindy Houts
Alameda Free Library

Alameda Free Library Foundation

The Alameda Library Foundation was created in 1998 to ensure that Library services will be available for many years to come, and that our libraries remain the vibrant, meaningful centers of community that they are today. The Foundation raises money for the libraries’ use, offering flexibility to meet long and short-term needs. The Foundation Board works closely with the library administration and with the Friends of the Library, a separate volunteer organization whose members put in many hours fundraising, putting on events including a semi-annual book sale, staffing the Main Library café and more.

Friends of the Alameda Free Library

The Friends of the Alameda Free Library is a volunteer organization. The Library Friends group was founded in 1973 to increase public awareness of the Library as an essential part of the community and to support the Library in developing services and facilities.


The Friends of the Library  support and fund projects, equipment, and the goals of the Library. All special programs such as puppet shows, art docent talks, summer reading programs for all ages, craft programs, etc. are funded by the Friends of the Library.


We hope you’ll join the Friends and help support the Alameda Free Library.
1550 Oak Street
Alameda, California 94501
Cosette Ratliff
Alameda Friends of the Parks Foundation

Friends of the Parks Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to promote, protect and support recreation and park activities and community wellness in Alameda. Our success is dependent upon our members, volunteers and individual and business donors.

We support the preservation, knowledge and awareness of our natural resources through sponsoring community programs and projects in cooperation with the Alameda community and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Over the past few years, our foundation has proudly donated to or sponsored the following projects and events:

Longfellow Playground Equipment
Godfrey Park Playground Equipment
Woodstock Park Playground Equipment
Lincoln Park Outdoor Exercise Equipment
Washington Park Outdoor Exercise Equipment
Park Tables and Signs
Splash into Spring Egg Scramble
Teen Halloween House
Starlight Movies in the Parks

Our ability to contribute to these projects that impact thousands of children and families is made possible by the generous contributions and support of organizations and individuals throughout Alameda, and our incredible team of volunteers.
2226 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
William Delaney
Alameda Home Team
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The Alameda Home Team, builds community support and advocates for a variety of home types to meet the needs of all in our community, including seniors, families, individuals, and people with disabilities. We support programs to provide homes for everyone such as low-income, affordable housing, and home buyer incentives as well as meeting the needs of market rate buyers. We believe in the value of Alameda taking care of its own, knowing that a mix of housing types for all incomes creates vibrant neighborhoods, strong families, consistent education, and a healthy economy. As a member of East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), we are a proud participant of the Annual Affordable Housing Week held each May.
950 West Mall Square, Suite 140A
Alameda, California 94502
Patricia Young
Alameda Meals on Wheels

Alameda Meals on Wheels (AMOW) is a locally-funded, seven-day-a-week program that has been delivering hot, nourishing meals to Alameda residents since 1973! Each day, holidays included, our cheerful and caring volunteers deliver a mid-day meal to more than 140 Alameda residents of all ages that need our assistance – whether due to recent surgery or hospitalization, because they aren’t able to get out to grocery shop, or because they can’t cook their own meals. Our subscribers pay on a sliding fee scale, based upon their ability.

Scores of volunteers provide the delivery system for the meals that are prepared daily by the kitchen staff at Bayview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. These volunteers often provide the only personal contact and conversation our homebound recipients have on a daily basis.

This year marks Alameda Meals On Wheels’ 40th Anniversary! Our program has enjoyed its longevity because of the incredible spirit of volunteerism shown by our meal delivery corps and because of the continuing generosity of those who donate to our program. It is also through the time and generosity of our board members that we are able to keep rolling.

We hope that this website provides you with an understanding of our service. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or need additional information.
Post Office Box 2534
Alameda, CA 94501
Alameda Point Collaborative

Formed in 1999, APC transformed vacant military housing on the former Alameda Naval Air Station into a supportive housing community.  APC now operates 200 units of housing over 34 acres of land, and provides 500 formerly homeless residents, including more than 300 children and youth, with the safety and stability of a place to call home.  All residents have easy access to life and job skills training, substance abuse and mental health counseling provided by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Alameda Point Collaborative is a supportive housing community that uses all its resources to help families and adults break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

APC places a special focus on the youth of its community.  All of these young people have been impacted by the experience of homelessness and need a great deal of support to ensure that they can overcome its effects.  As education is a key indicator of future success, APC helps its youngest residents build a solid foundation for life-long learning.
APC specializes in supportive training and job opportunities for residents  through our environmentally sustainable social enterprise businesses and other on-the-job  training programs.  We offer residents the opportunity to gain job skills while also learning about health, nutrition and horticulture.

We operate a retail plant nursery called Ploughshares Nursery where residents help propagation and customer services. Other residents work with our facilities team, in landscaping, with our career services team and on our urban farm as part of the Farm2Market project.
677 West Ranger Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Doug Biggs
Alameda Seals Baseball


Since 1985 the Seals have been one of the Bay Area’s elite baseball programs. The Seals Summer Collegiate team offers the public a safe, family-oriented, economic, and enjoyable entertainment experience. The Seals Summer Collegiate Baseball Team offers college-student athletes the opportunity to polish their baseball skills and expose their abilities to professional scouts and college coaches. Each year, the Seals attract some of the best Division 1 & 2 collegiate players who are chosen from throughout the United States . The games and tournaments promote competition and teach discipline and sportsmanship to the players. From our Youth Travel Baseball teams and all the way through our Summer Collegiate Baseball team we give our players the best opportunity to play in a professional environment. In addition to honing their athletic skills, the Seals support the athletes in developing their pride and increasing their scholastic pursuits in order to help them grow and mature. The Seals staff does their best to assist the athletes in obtaining scholarships and receiving exposure to professional scouts from Major League Baseball. The Seals also afford these collegiate athletes the opportunity to travel throughout several states including California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Kansas, and as well as internationally to Canada and Mexico.

Aside from being successful on the field, our key organizational goals consist of working with local city leaders and business owners to create local job opportunities. In addition, the Seals Baseball Club wants to be valued members of the community through our organizational commitment to community outreach and both advanced and beginner camps for the local youth here in Alameda. It is through these efforts that the Seals Baseball Club looks to build a long lasting partnership with the city of Alameda.
The Seals baseball club is dedicated to serving the youth  in Northern California and providing positive role models for them. The club’s primary focus is to build character and discipline through the sport of baseball. It is our belief  that baseball builds strong leadership qualities needed to succeed in life by instilling honest work ethics, maintaining good physical health, and engaging with community of all ages and walks of life. Service to the community is a cornerstone of who the Seals are as an organization. Community service is not only a requirement of all our athletes involved with the program but also something the Seals instill as a foundational approach to life. We believe every child should have every opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball at the highest levels and thus provide a mechanism to deliver quality instruction, competition and entertainment.
Post Office Box 296
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 545-9618
Abel Alcantar
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