Home Organizing

Home Organizing

Renewed Spaces: Alameda

The environments we live and work in have significant impact on the way we feel and function.  Cluttered, disorganized surroundings can lead to anxiety,  stress and inefficiency.    

Renewed Spaces: Alameda is a home organizing company that works to transform your environment to one of order and peace.  We will help you streamline and simplify your home or office.  We will organize, order, declutter, decorate, and repurpose, in order to make your space more efficient and peaceful.  We provide basic home/office organizing, from a filing system, closet or garage to an entire home or office.  We also provide home moving/selling preparation services, move-in assistance, and new baby preparation services.  We work with clients throughout the bay area.

805 Portola Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Kristi Zambrano

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