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Global Marketing

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Expanding Businesses into Countries and Cultures since 1990.


Around 72% of the world doesn’t speak English. Yet 57% of websites are in English only.
85% of all consumers will not purchase if information is not in their native language.
72.4% of global consumers prefer to use their native language when shopping online.
90% of EU Internet users choose a website in their own language. Only half are happy using  an English website even where there is no other alternative.

Most Alameda businesses don’t have a global focus. Some however do have an ethnic workforce (Latinos, Chinese, Russians, Arabs, Vietnamese, etc.). And most Alameda businesses have ethnic customers … and could expand their base to non-English immigrants if only they knew how.

Auerbach International has been solving these issues for almost 30 years.

We translate your websites, videos, apps, brochures, manuals, contracts, policies, meetings and more into 80 world languages … using only the finest, highly trained, professional linguists — not software that can make comical errors. And yes, our linguists can speak your technical terminology.

Our telephone interpreting service even allows you to speak with your customers or prospects in 240 languages 365/24/7. Just put the interpreter on Speakerphone if the person is at your business or do a three-way conference call. You speak in English and the interpreter facilitates your conversation. Very easy and inexpensive!

And if you want to venture overseas or want to know how to configure your business for ethnic impact, we can serve you also.

Just ask us, preferably in English.

Auerbach International. Expanding Businesses into Countries and Cultures since 1990.


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