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 Taking care of your health and nutrition is a challenge. In our busy lifestyle, it is easy to avoid keeping fit and just eating fast, convenient food. A healthy lifestyle takes discipline, will power and conviction to continue even when you are tempted to quit or to skip a workout

At Alameda Beach Body, we believe in the importance of good health and fitness as a regular part of your life in order to stay strong, stay fit and stay committed.  Whether you are a health junkie, or you used to work out a lot and want to get back into it, or you have never worked out, we have a workout class that will suit you.  Our group training sessions are fun and upbeat, and provide a community of like minded people to support each other, while our individual training sessions provide personalized attention and focus on your specific needs.
One of the key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, which is why we take the time to teach you about maintaining a balanced diet and the nutritional principles you need to know.  From your first inquiry to your regular workout class schedule, we want to see you succeed. We provide a complimentary goal assessment session and can advise you on what style of workout and level of class will suit you.
Areas of focus include transformation and weight loss programs, as well as strength building and body sculpting. Our class types including boot camp, cardio, group fitness and personal training.
Alameda Beach Body was founded by Summer Farouni, a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Wow Weight Loss Nutrition Coach.  Summer is also certified in pilates, muay thai fitness, Zumba and as a personal chef.
2412 Clement Ave
Alameda, California 94501
Summer Farouni
Alameda Landing

A distinctive outdoor shopping center offering opportunities to shop, dine and play in a sustainably designed community.

2600-2700 5th Street
Alameda, California 94501
Heath McCue
MissFit Training

MissFit Training is all about sustained growth. Your coach, Samantha is committed to guiding you through your fitness experience through education, support, and establishing life-long healthy habits not only for the gym, but for every day living for years to come. 
Together, with a variety of services, we will find the best way to make the most efficient improvements for more satisfying results. 

MissFit Group Training
Join our group training sessions and work out with some fun MissFits!
MissFit MetCon
Weekend Warrior Workout
$20 Drop in
$150 Unlimited

MissFit Personal Training
Have you hit a plateau and need to switch up your training plan? Or are you completely new to training and are in need of some guidance to get you to your goals?
With the Personal Training program, you will gain valuable tools to help you create a safe and sustainable lifestyle that goes in line with your ultimate fitness goals.

MissFit Challenges!
Join fellow MissFits in these monthly challenges to add some fun into your training schedule!

1726 Clement Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
Samantha Cordova
Orangetheory Fitness

Base Push All Out™
Base. Push. All Out. Fitness, meet science. The idea of Orangetheory is this: a 60-minute workout designed to push you into the Orange Zone. This creates “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. It’s what burns calories after your workout and gives you noticeable, lasting results with Orangetheory Fitness.

Our Facilities
Welcome to your fitness home. Top-of-the-line equipment, upbeat music and motivational trainers make the Orangetheory Fitness environment the most energetic fitness environment around. We put a fire in our members, giving them a “get up and go” attitude. Not to mention, almost everything is orange. It’s the color that inspires us to achieve more. We’re sure our studios will inspire you, too.

Our Fitness Coaches

Passionate. Experienced. Committed. Our trainers are among the best in the business, and they are excellent motivators. At Orangetheory, you’ll get the energy of a group workout with the attention of an experienced personal trainer. Our trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals.
2610 Fifth Street
Alameda, California 94501
Emily Clark
Tamar’s Training

About Tamar’s Training
 Tamar grew up in Creston, California. Where is that, you say? It is in the middle of nowhere in San Luis Obispo County. Having two sisters around the same age and not being allowed to watch TV led to a lot of imagination and a very active childhood. As a youth Tamar studied gymnastics, karate, and wrestling and has always enjoyed dancing as she was born to a family of musicians. Movement and music continued to be the driving factors throughout Tamar’s life.
​Education in Order of Relevance
– National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer
-Aerobics and Fitness Association of America: Group Exercise Instructor
-Associate in Arts:Dance from Santa Monica City College
-TRX and RIP Trainer Certification
-CPR/AED Cerification
-X-Pole Instructor Certification
-Bachelors in Arts:Environmental Studies from University of Santa Cruz
​Tamar has been teaching fitness classes for 14 years (Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Pilates, Pole Fitness, Yoga) and a Personal Trainer for 5 years. Tamar aims to make exercise fun for people in any walk of life so that it becomes an integral part of their life just as it has always been for her. A successful fitness program has 5 components: Cardiovascular Training, Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Nutrition, and Professional Assistance. The Professional Assistance aspect is what most programs are lacking and the reason many people do not accomplish their goals.That is where Tamar’s Training comes in!
Tamar will design a program specifically to fit your lifestyle and together with you, set realistic goals to achieve along the way. Tamar works with a wide range of clients from age 17 to 70, male, female, some recovering from injury, some competitive athletes. If you can laugh at her silly jokes while you’re working hard and you know that it takes hard work and consistency to reach any goal, you have what it takes!
2433 Mariner Square Loop, Suite 105
Alameda, CAlifornia 94501
Tamara Schwartzbart

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