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Nancy Gearty
 NAUI Scuba Instructor

​Nancy learned to swim at the ripe old age of 3, was on the swim team at age 5 and a Lifeguard on Lake Michigan during college.
She was first on SCUBA at age 8, when an older brother let her try his gear
(Look Ma,’ no BC!) in a lake in northern Wisconsin. She didn’t “officially” get her SCUBA certification until 1992, when she completed her Open Water dives at Halls Diving Center & Career Institute in Marathon Key, Florida.

Her professional Dive career started in 2009 working at a dive shop north of Chicago, and assisting at the Northwestern University pool and Haigh Quarry during scuba classes, while working on her divemaster certification. She completed her divemaster and instructor certifications in Monterey, California.

Nancy loves teaching and especially loves teaching Scuba diving  because it opens up a whole new world for others, and recruits more people to care for our oceans and the sharks and other magical creatures residing within them.

Favorite quotes:
“29% of the Earth is land; the rest is ours.”
“71% of the world is covered in water so if your goal is ‘to see the world,’
You’d better learn to Scuba dive.”
“If your ship doesn’t come in; swim out to it.”

I focus my time and efforts on every person’s experience by:
* Understanding each individual’s sense of comfort and skill

* Strong water skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills

for ultimate safety

* Intuitive and compassionate instincts to make effective

decisions regarding student’s progress

* Establishing and maintaining solid relationships

*And make everything easier with a fun and a playful attitude

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Nancy Gearty

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