Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops


We have built an inspiring and easily transformable space for a private dinner party, work presentation, playoff game, indie movie night or a comedy show. The possibilities are truly limitless. Our mission is to give Alameda a cozy and eclectic venue where all Alamedans can gather to share their passions, interests and celebrations. Phoenix is a vibrant space for our community to come together, have heated discussions, warm-hearted speeches and inspiring collaborations. Or, to simply party.

If you’re not bringing your own drinks, Phoenix is equipped with a beer, wine and pineapple juice bar. You are also welcome to bring in your own catering and food. As if our space wasn’t cozy enough, you can hang, project or set up your own decorations. We don’t like rules very much here, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make your time at Phoenix fantastic. Our base price includes the space, tables and chairs, onsite staff, use of our projector and screen, and dancing area.

Hit the button and tell us all about your gathering. We’d be happy to show you around Alameda’s newest and most versatile public venue.
Alameda’s first co-working space!
We are proud and excited to bring Alameda its first co-working space designed for an inspired, efficient work day. With spacious ergonomic stations, conference rooms, bike parking, coffee service, a lounge and more, we aim to foster a synergistic atmosphere for workers of all types to share their workday. Our check-in and billing system is super easy, automatic and hassle free. Monthly, hourly and day use services are available, depending on what best meets your needs. Hit the contact button below to introduce yourself and send us questions! See you soon.

Spacious, ergonomic workstations & chairs
Top grade high-speed internet
Individual power supply
Private conference room w/ presentation screen and polycom
Phone Booths
Espresso & Tea
Office Supplies
Patio and Kitchen
Lounge area
Mail Service
2315 Lincoln Avenue
Alameda, California 94501
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