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My practice is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow meaningful, profitable businesses by communicating complex ideas and translating cutting edge theories into hands-on strategies and solutions that you can understand and use today to take your business to the next level.

In addition to my business consulting practice, I also teach undergraduate Business Strategy at the College of Business at San Francisco State University.  Before launching my practice, I was a business developer in the professional services industry. I also sold B2B advertising and data solutions to a range of markets, from construction to pharmaceuticals. I enjoyed closing deals and empowering my new hires to experience the thrill of securing new business.  So, I decided to combine my passion for teaching with my expertise in business development and launched my own consulting business. 

Today, I’m excited because I get to work with passionate entrepreneurs who have a track record of delivering consistent, high value products or services but who are unsure what to do next.  

My mission is to go deeper and help my clients create a business strategy they can truly “own”, and to give them the courage to keep moving forward, reaching a new level of competitive advantage so that they can grow, make a profit, and feel great doing it.
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Andy Lambert
Boehm and Associates

Boehm & Associates is one of California’s largest and most experienced health care recovery firms. We partner with insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations, third party administrators, union trust funds, hospitals, and government agencies to recover expenses for which a third party was liable.

Our experienced, highly specialized attorneys and hearing representatives, along with exclusive Electronic Data Matching services, combine to maximize revenue recovery for our clients.

Established in 1976 we represent over 300 clients statewide.

With over $600,000,000.00 in total recoveries, Boehm & Associates maximizes your Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Liability Recoveries.

Company Overview:

Boehm & Associates was established in California in 1976 to assist insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations, third party administrators, union trust funds, hospitals, medical providers and governmental agencies in recovering costs of medical care in workers’ compensation and third party liability cases.

Why Choose Boehm?

Boehm & Associates has a proven outstanding state-wide performance history in both case identification and recovery of costs of medical care in workers’ compensation and third party liability cases. Boehm has a well-trained litigation and support staff with many years experience in workers’ compensation and third party recoveries.
1320 Harbor Bay Parkway # 140
Alameda, CA 94502-2212
ClearVision Consulting, Inc.

Are you looking to dramatically accelerate organizational effectiveness and improve human performance?
Partnering with ClearVision you will achieve the following results:

Bring projects and initiatives to rapid closure, with a higher success rate
Respond rapidly to changing market and environmental conditions
Increase the speed of execution and delivery
Build capacity to think creatively and execute on innovative strategies
Boost morale, leverage existing talent, and increase retention rates

Access our consulting, coaching and speaking services.
1501 Eighth Street
Alameda, CA 94501
Katherine A. Hart
Coolaroo Consulting

Actually, our name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning “star.” We like it because it’s a great metaphor for our entire philosophy and approach.
Engaged employees are star performers.

We empower employees with real tools and solutions that support them at work and in their personal lives:

Enhanced communication skills
Improved conflict resolution skills
Strengthened problem-solving skills

Energized teams are peopled with star performers.

When employees are engaged, teams experience immediate, noticeable changes and results:

Increased cohesion
Enhanced social and emotional intelligence
Strengthened connection to shared vision and values

Vibrant companies are powered by energized teams.

An engaged and energized workforce is like having a secret superpower in today’s economy:

Top-flight talent retention (and attraction)
Thriving culture
Satisfied customers

And that’s our secret sauce: engaged employees, energized teams, vibrant companies. So you might say that Coolaroo is Australian for you.
2601 Blanding Avenue, Suite 214
Alameda, CA 94501
Little Red Telescope

We all have lenses through which we view our lives. At Little Red Telescope we help people view their lives in a new way. We offer a range of psychotherapeutic services designed to help you reach your full potential. Whether you are looking for a small emotional tweak or in-depth self-discovery, we have you covered.

Each person is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your best self. We deliver individualized treatment and wellness approaches tailored to you – your life, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.
1101 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 201
Alameda, California 94501
Courtland McPherson, MSW, LCSW, DBA
PK Consultants, Inc.

Assisting corporations, businesses and private persons in Alameda, the Bay Area and Beyond
We simplify the complex. Our role is to streamline the communication process.In development projects that means moving through the approval process and meeting the regulatory objectives. PK Consultants serves as an extension of your strategic management team to provide an intense burst of resources and experience to help avoid the obstacles that can easily derail viable projects.

PK Consultants draws upon a wealthy background of experience in projects large and small.

We have recognized certain patterns across numerous negotiations with governmental and public bodies, and apply the same rules of success to the unique characteristics of your challenge. We lend structure to the process; establish a context for evaluation; and provide information essential to sound decision making.
2027 Clement Avenue, Suite A
Alameda, CA 94501
Ripple Effects

About Us
The company

Founded in 1997, and initially funded by angel investors, including prominent philanthropists, Ripple Effects is a woman owned company (WMBE) dedicated to using emerging technologies to prevent social injury and promote school and life success for children, youth and the adults who work with them. The company provides training software, assessment tools, web resources and live training, technical support and consultation to promote social-emotional competencies and remediate social emotional deficits that contribute to poor academic, social, and mental health outcomes for children and teens. Ripple Effects has been recognized for leadership as a double bottom line, social enterprise, with awards from Haas Business School and the University of Washington Business School. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Business Week magazine for its success in making good works good business practice as well. It has been featured in a variety of education related publications for its success in effectively addressing students’ non-academic barriers to school success. Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention software is listed by National  Registry of Effective Programs and Practices (NREPP) as a Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health Preventive Intervention, and is listed as a model program by the National Dropout Prevention Center.

History of empowering those at the bottom

Through Ripple Effects 18+ year history, our hiring practices, product development process, and outcome research have all been oriented toward leveling the playing field for those with diminished prospects for success. Both student and teacher software target a wide spectrum of individual risk factors, and provide cognitive-behavioral, affective, social-skill and social change training to help address them. Use of our student software often starts in detention settings, with kids who are close to reaching the end of the line.  It is often a part of IEP and behavioral support plans. It includes a whole range of ways of making the program more accessible to English Language learners (ELL) , and students with disabilities (SWD), including hearing impaired students, mobility impaired students, students with attention problems, and those with mild cognitive disorders. Most testing has been conducted in schools and settings that predominantly serve students with both personal and group level risk factors. Use of the professional development software supports teacher effectiveness with these same populations of students.
1601 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 105
Alameda, Califdornia 94502
Kerry Crespo
Vox Populi

Vox Populi // Noun (ˈväks-ˈpä-pyü-ˌlī): Latin.
The opinions or beliefs of the majority,
“the people’s voice”

Vox Populi is a strategic communications firm specializing in
public relations, public affairs and corporate communications.

Since 2001, Vox Populi has built results-driven campaigns for our clients. Most of our work is in land use, energy, technology, education, non-profit or political arenas. We believe that communication is an essential part of any business strategy and, when used effectively, can preserve and enhance reputations, or smoothly navigate crises.
Located in the East San Francisco Bay Area, Vox Populi works with businesses throughout California and the nation. We help clients make (or stay out of) the headlines; secure approvals for land use projects; build coalitions to support initiatives and ensure voices rise above the chatter.

Public Relations

Whether partnering with a dogged start-up, established large corporation, or lean non-profit organization, our approach centers on leveraging competitive intelligence to position clients to achieve objectives. Sometimes, this includes staying relevant in a saturated market, others, it’s keeping our clients out of the news.
Vox Populi has a reputation for establishing and maintaining relationships between the organization, media and the public. We have extensive experience integrating PR into the marketing mix to maximize performance, while fortifying the voice of a business, brand or executive.
Whether the goal is to make news, create trends on social networks, or stay out of the headlines, Vox Populi builds media relations campaigns to raise awareness, manage issues, or pre-empt a crisis.
Vox Populi’s team consists of a few talented communications professionals, and we tap our network of expert partners to meet specific project goals. Together, our extended team helps achieve the most critical business objectives.
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Alameda, California 94501
Becca Perata

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