Amy’s Moveable Feast

I started Amy’s Moveable Feast in 2012 for my love of cooking and entertaining. I come from a family of generations of good cooks who share the same passions–the joy of cooking for others, the pleasure of gathering with friends and family, and the happiness received from those enjoying themselves.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I grew up eating home-cooked meals with my family. Those experiences taught me to appreciate the freshness of food and the importance of sitting and taking pleasure in your meal.

Coming from a previous career in the corporate world I understand how busy lives can get and how easy it is to stray from preparing a fresh and delicious home-cooked meal. So at Amy’s Moveable Feast I would like to provide you a little more time to enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared meal–from my kitchen to yours!

Amy’s Moveable Feast prepares fresh, rustic, home-cooked meals from scratch. We offer a weekly choice of two different entrees that include a side starch and fresh vegetable prepared in a local commercial kitchen. The meals are packaged in microwave-safe containers and can be reheated up to three days after delivery.

We shop farmers markets for the freshest seasonal selection of fruits and vegetables, and source certified humane meats and poultry as much as possible. If you are interested in more information about our ingredients, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with further information.


Sign up on our website and receive our weekly email every Friday with the following week’s menu choices.
Place your order online or by email by Monday at 11 a.m. for Tuesday’s delivery.
Every Tuesday between 4-6:30 p.m., Amy’s Moveable Feast will deliver your meals to your home. If you won’t be home we can leave your prepared meals in a cooler or insulated bag at your door or by other arrangement. Please contact AMF to arrange special delivery options.

Because Amy’s meals are made using the freshest ingredients and are prepared from scratch that day, you can order multiple meals for the week and they will retain their wholesomeness and flavor up to three days after delivery.

Amy’s Moveable Feast provides fresh, comforting, and delicious home-cooked meals that are both convenient and affordable. We understand how busy life can be and think you should have the time to sit and enjoy a freshly prepared meal for you and your family.
108 Centre Court
Alameda, California 94502
Amy Warnick
Chef Care – Alameda

Hello All

just a quick note about me

i was born in San Francisco but I’ve lived in Alameda off and on for over 25 years.

I’m a self educated food service professional whos dedicated over 40 wonderful years  to food service and restaurants!

my work is absolutely the love of my life.

i started loving my job at the age of 5 bussing tables, cutting veggies, sweeping the floor and filling salt and pepper shakers for 25 cent tips at the family soul food joint in the Height Asbury.

i worked fast food at age 16 at an At Arby’s sandwich shop in San Leandro 

I got into fine dining at age 22 after i moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento to work at John Qs in the penthouse of the Sacramento Riverside Holiday Inn.

i continued on to work in a variety of restaurants delis, care homes, grocery stores and delis learning as much as i could from every chef i met

As a very young single parent, i had no time for work, school , parenting and a culinary institute.

So  I spent 15 years in Sacramento …..working, Learning, growing and falling deeper and deeper in love with my work

i moved back to Alameda in 1999. 

i worked at Why Cook for a while then moved on to The Harbor Bay Club Courtside café.

my experiences gave me the skills to help open the new Club House Sports Bar and Grill at the Harbor Bay Club On Bay Farm, in 2000. I created my own menu of healthy and fun foods, hired a great staff, prepared everything from scratch and enjoyed the time i spend there as Head Chef and kitchen Manager 

After leaving HBC My next adventure was to become The Restaurant Dr.

I helped open or reinvent over 25 restaurants, cafes, sports bars, catering companies and delis from the Bay Area to Roseville, Ca 

After helping upgrade the Sacramento Railroad Museums  café. i headed for the wine country To help Hall Winery reinvent La Residence, their newly acquired bed and breakfast in Napa, 

After the B&B i stayed in Napa and took a job with a New Whole Foods Market and i worked in Prepared Foods supervising every venue of the department in front and back of the house 

i helped WFM open five stores. Oakland, Napa, Roseville, Santa Cruz and Capitola.

My next job was to help a smaller natural foods grocer in Santa Cruz called Staff of  Life Market who was suffering from the arrival of Bigger markets 

i  helped this small 40 year old grocer move into a  bigger space that was once a dealership,

i helped design the deli, kitchen, bakery and catering departments and managed all four departments until the staff was well trained and they were operating successfully on their own. 

i created  traditional, vegan, vegetarian and raw menus for the  catering department, the deli, hot bar , cold case and pre pack. 

I had to leave Santa Cruz and return to Alameda in 2011 for left and right total knee replacements and was unwilling forced to retire.


i am a semi retired small business owner enjoying the work i love and helping people have great events!

i am a very personal, down to earth person who cares more about the customers happiness than Anything Else!!

I prepare Every meal with the same care as if I were cooking in your home or mine

i work hard to provide the best quality and creativity for ALL budgets small and great, 

i shop all natural and organic when ever possible and i DO NOT cut corners on anything!

i prepare over 10 different ethnic cuisines and am happy to work with new flavors if you want a menu I’ve never tried before

the love of my job is that i get to be challenged and play with new foods and flavors all the time AND  i learn something new everyday !

thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about your new personal chef caterer. 

l am looking forward to preparing the perfect foods for feed your soul!
1415 Broadway, Suite 222
Alameda, California 94501
Chef Deanna Satterwhite