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About Us

We Are What We Do
Alameda Business Network (ABN) is a pro­fessional organization that actively promotes our member businesses through the exchange of business leads and referrals. We also share creative and strategic business ideas to help enhance and improve business practices.

ABN members specialize in a host of different areas. Member businesses include banking and financial services, law, dentistry, advertising and marketing, real estate and property management, accounting and bookkeeping, insurance and investment services, plumbing and construction, community arts, specialty retailers, alternative medicine and therapies, and many others.
What ABN Stands For
Alameda Business Network (ABN) is an organization of business professionals that actively promotes each other’s services and products through leads and referrals within our group and through each member’s spheres of influence. These include clients, friends, family, acquaintances and the general public. We champion our fellow ABN members’ business development and vision through periodic business idea exchanges. We support our community by providing community service through fundraising events and charitable activities.
How ABN Works
Each ABN member business “owns” its business category to avoid conflicts of interest when sharing leads, referrals, and business productivity ideas. ABN members promote other ABN member services to their circle of customers, clients, and contacts in exchange for a reciprocal promotion.

If you’re interested in growing your business and in becoming part of an innovative business group, attend one of our regular Tuesday morning breakfast meetings held from 8:45-10AM at Bridgehead Studio, 2516 Blanding Avenue, Alameda.
What ABN Can Do For You
ABN membership opens a door to a number of benefits.

Gain business contacts, leads, referrals, and prospects.
Share business ideas with seasoned business professionals.
Enjoy promotional exposure through our marketing activities, including our directory, website, social mixers, events, fundraisers, and sponsorships.
Build collaborative partnerships with complementary businesses.

Why Choose Us
In the Digital Era, personal service can get lost in the high-tech shuffle. ABN understands and appreciates the importance of getting close to customers and building lasting relationships through customer engagement.

ABN represents a passionate network of members eager to serve the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and other stakeholders. Its member organizations provide a personal touch, care about their customers, and work hard to provide them with quality service. By meeting regularly with other business professionals to share best business practices, the entire community benefits, not just us.
You and ABN
The best way to learn if ABN is right for you is to attend a meeting. View the “Members” listing in the above Web menu to find out if an opening exists in your business category. You can also contact us directly.
2233 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 7
Alameda, California 94501
Susan DeLong
Barbara Marchand

Marchand & Associates is a professional services firm that offers executive and personal coaching, performance team coaching, custom trainings, and facilitations for business. Our programs are designed in collaboration with our clients.
What We Do
At Marchand & Associates we are committed to providing results for you. We will help you balance your life between work, family, and self. We will help you to fulfill your goals and be able to create, initialize, and complete projects. We are committed to assisting you in evaluating your present paradigm and, if necessary, creating shifts that will give you personal satisfaction and the ability to live life fully.
What Coaching can help you do…

Define a project or desire in your personal or business life
Break out of preconceived ideas of what you can’t do
Leverage your most fulfilling experiences and translate them into opportunities
Identify the barriers that block your innate gifts and talents
Find fulfillment from your current work
Be acknowledged and recognized for your talents
Accurately assess your core values and design a personal mission statement
Create deeper meaning in your life
Dare to be all you were meant to be

122 Luna Vista Drive
Hutto, Texas 78634
Barbara Marchand
Sunbelt Business Brokers

Sunbelt’s History
Sunbelt’s business brokers specialize in working with business owners to manage the sale of their businesses. Our brokers also work with individuals and companies who are interested in buying a business. Annually, our local offices work with thousands of business sellers and buyers to help them reach their goals.

Sunbelt was founded by Ed Pendarvis in Charleston, South Carolina in 1978. Ed developed a highly successful business brokerage operation and began licensing business brokerage offices under the Sunbelt marks during the mid 1990’s. Sunbelt has enjoyed tremendous success as a franchise system and has expanded to become the world’s largest business brokerage operation.

Sunbelt was acquired in 2006 by Merrymeeting, Inc.  With the backing and resources of Merrymeeting, Sunbelt has been able to maintain its leadership in the business brokerage industry by investing in professional education programs, developing leading edge technology and systems, and leveraging our international office network to better serve our clients.

Why More Business Owners Choose Sunbelt

Largest Main Street and Lower Middle Market business intermediary firm in the world!
More Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) than any other firm!
More than 5,000 business-for-sale listings!
Thousands of registered business buyers looking for just the right business!
We wrote the book (Selling Your Business For Dummies) on how to sell your business!
2229 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, California 94502
Phil Holt

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