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Marina Village Yacht Harbor

Thirty years ago, I had the privilege of working on the emerging Marina Village development for my employer, Vintage Properties. I was particularly enchanted with the new marina we were developing.

The setting was steeped in history. A century earlier, Alaska packing ships wintered in the eastern basin where Marina Village Yacht Harbor was taking root. To the west lay the shipways, where World War I and II cargo ships were constructed and launched. In the peak war years, nearly 10,000 people worked three shifts a day on this site of the old Bethlehem shipyard. Some of their stories still echoed within the walls of the now rehabbed concrete shells—stories of heroism and tragedy.

At the end of my work days I would often sit out by the marina, watching the ships and boats pass by punctuated against the lights of the Oakland skyline, the Tribune Clock Tower and the East Bay Hills. On those evenings I would dream of owning Marina Village Yacht Harbor years hence. Even then, it was apparent that this was a special place, in the way that Wrigley Field is special; a place that captured and enhanced the passion of the people who brought their boats here. In 2006, we put together a group of business associates and friends to form SRM Marina Investors, and made the dream came true: to own and run Marina Village Yacht Harbor, the largest privately owned marina in San Francisco Bay.

When our berthers tell me that Marina Village is the finest marina in the Bay, I sometimes ask them why. Some say it is the quality of the concrete docks, the level of maintenance, or the helpful and friendly staff…or the stunning views, the sheltered and secure harbor, the perfect Alameda climate and gentle breezes, the nearby amenities or the quality of the shore-side facilities. But they also inevitably mention the community that has developed here and the friends they have made at Marina Village.

We are honored to be the stewards of this special place. We take this honor seriously. It is our mission to make and keep Marina Village Yacht Harbor the standard by which all other marinas are measured. We welcome you to visit this special community—the community of boaters, the community of yacht brokers who have made this the number one location for boat sales in Northern California and the community of neighboring  yacht clubs.

If you love boating, this is your place.

Steve Meckfessel
1030 Marina Village Parkway
Alameda, California 94501
Steve Meckfessel

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