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Welcome to Good Witch Wellness & Apothecary, where Eastern wisdom meets West Coast sensibilities.

Good Witch Wellness & Apothecary is an integrative acupuncture clinic and herbal apothecary focusing on women’s health. We specialize in fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal care, as well as treating broad spectrum of women’s issues.

Good Witch aims to provide an atmosphere of inspiration and tranquility, guiding your treatments to go wherever you are on your journey, be it trying to conceive or for your current pregnancy. Perhaps you need support for a graceful transition to menopause, or simply looking to focus on your best, most vibrant self. Book an appointment now!

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has proven over millennia that it can make a great impact on sleep, stress, anxiety, pain, PMS, acne, digestion, and much more.

In addition to acupuncture, Good Witch’s herbal apothecary incorporates classical Chinese wisdom with western acumen. Our formulations are made in small batches with the finest organic, locally grown, or wild harvested ingredients. Our Chinese herbs are of the highest quality, from vendors we have vetted over the years.

We also hope that you will join us from time-to-time to learn how to make your own magic in one of our up and coming workshops, doula events, or informative talks.
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Tiffinie Tang
Island Acupuncture

Tracy is a Licensed Acupuncturist trained to work with your whole family as a primary caregiver or as an adjunct to your current practitioner.  She brings a holistic and integrated approach to her practice using acupuncture, herbs, supplements, abdominal and channel massage, tui na therapeutic massage and the latest in western labs.
Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of balance and harmony. When your body is imbalanced you no longer feel your best. Fatigue, aches and pains, insomnia, stress, women’s health issues and infertility are all signs of imbalances that can be helped with Chinese Medicine.  Tracy uses the tools of Chinese Medicine and Western science to help you feel your best again!

Patient education is the cornerstone to ongoing health and maintaining the results attained during your care here at the clinic. Tracy ensures your complete understanding of your treatment by involving you in every step.  From your first appointment, Tracy outlines a clear treatment plan that allows you to take charge and be in control of your health.  She invites questions and discussion and enjoys treating all ages.

In addition to her clinical practice, Tracy offers free monthly seminars in Alameda, continuing her life vision to improve the health of her community. These seminars are aimed at helping individuals learn how to take control of their own health and return home with practical tools they can implement immediately.
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Tracy Zollinger, L.Ac.

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