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Why Join the Alameda Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is many things and different things to different people. Those who get really involved get much more out of their membership and that’s one of the keys.

Get Involved!

That’s what the Chamber’s here for.

The Chamber is


We realize the limits of your time -especially in an era of uncertain markets and budget controls. But it is only through volunteer involvement that the Chamber represents the voice of this business and professional community and conveys its message loud and clear.


As a member of this team of community leaders, you hold the key to making things happen. Your ideas, input and actions are translated into results. You ARE the Chamber–working to make Alameda a better place to live and work.


Investment in the Alameda Chamber returns a big dividend directly to you-membership services, community programs, exposure to new markets and fellow business people.


Quality of life in Alameda is as primary. Whatever the scope of involvement or type or activity, remember things don’t just happen. As a matter of fact, progress is made through the efforts of many people working together through an avenue known as the Alameda Chamber of Commerce.


Now, more than ever before, your views must be made known to our elected officials. Through our strong Economic Development/Government Relations Committee education programs, news releases and other forms of communication, we express your views and the good things about the free enterprise system.


As a part of the big picture, member volunteers share in the publicity of getting things done for Alameda.

Need more encouragement?

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce is unique. It is a partner to every business and every citizen. You belong in it as long as you are in business in Alameda, for you are benefiting from its activities and should shoulder a part of the operating expenses. What investment is more important to you as a business or professional person and citizen than such a comparatively small one in our progress and prosperity?
You may not have time to answer hundreds of requests for information or help bring an industry into the area, but you know it is being done. If you are unable to support with both time and money, it is especially important for you to financially cooperate with your fellow business associates who make up various committees and who are taking time from their business to help you.
The best way to grow your business is to properly support the Alameda Chamber of Commerce. More industries-more residents-more visitors -more people shopping in our community-will mean
more business for you. The Chamber is working to promote all of these things.

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