Put a Ribbon On It

Put a Ribbon On It!

By Mark Sorensen

Executive Director, Mark Sorensen

Mark Sorensen
Executive Director

We’ve all seen pictures of smiling faces standing before a ribbon cutting with a giant pair of scissors as they get ready to snip a business into its official grand opening. But what does this mean? And why do so many of those optimistic faces turn glum within a year or two. Here are some thoughts…

Ribbon cutting started as a symbolic gesture signifying the beginning of a new marriage. The choice of red as the most common color for these ribbons is self-explanatory. Over time the custom became associated with the beginning of any sort of enterprise. Like marriages, the entrepreneur is taking on a business “for better or worse,” which brings us to why the optimism—or should I say romance—fades.

We at the Chamber know it takes a lot of commitment to turn something you love doing into a business that shares your passion with others. While obviously there will be some bumps along the road, there will also be all the anniversaries in between. In fact, the Chamber will help our members celebrate these events by providing a fresh ribbon cutting to mark the years. These milestones should serve as a reminder of the love that started the business and help support the owner toward the next marker of success.

We have an obligation as witnesses to the birth of a business to make sure it grows and prospers long after the first blush of romance is gone. We hold in our grasp the ability to sustain the love that started the business in the first place.

As the Chamber has grown we have seen many new beginnings. With your help we will celebrate countless anniversaries in years to come.


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